For Withdrawal, written notice must be given through email or the Withdrawal Form available below no later than the 20th of the previous month.  If notice is given after the 20th of the previous month it will be considered the next month and you will be charged for the next month.  EXAMPLE: Dolly Dancer wants to no longer take class in October so written notice is given on September 20 to avoid paying for October. If notice is given September 21 then October tuition is still charged and starting November Dolly Dancer will no longer be charged. Dolly can still attend classes in October since they have been paid for in full. 

NO SHOW POLICY: If the student misses more than 2 weeks and tuition is delinquent, ADA reserves the right to drop the student from the class and give the student's position in the class to another waiting student. TUITION IS STILL DUE for all unattended classes. Payment for these classes is due within one month from drop or it will be Auto Withdrawn using the credit card or bank account information on file.

Your account will stay open until written notice is received.

To withdraw from a class the student or parent must:

  1. Inform staff in writing through email or the Withdrawal Form
  2. Complete and sign a  withdrawal form provided by ADA ( pdf download (58 KB) )